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What are the recommended system requirements to run PDF Split Or Merge ?

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 - Linux - Mac.
  • Pentium 500MHz processor.
  • 512 MB of free memory.
  • 32 MB free disk space.
  • 1024x768 screen resolution.
  • Java 2 Platform - version 1.6 or above.
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How to Install / Run PDF Split Or Merge ?

  1. To install the program:
    • Be sure you have Java version 1.6 or above installed on your machine. You can test this in the download page.

    • Double click on the installer to install the program in the location you prefer.

  2. To run the program :
    • Windows users :
    • Just double click on "PDF SPlit Or Merge.exe" and the program will start normally.

    • Mac and other operating systems :
      • You can start PDF SPlit Or Merge manually by using the command line :
        java -jar "PDF SPlit Or Merge.jar"
      • If you felt the program is slow, you can increase the memory allocated for it using this command instead in the terminal :
        java -Xmx512m -jar "PDF SPlit Or Merge.jar"

        If you are using Mac, you will find a mac script called "pdfsplitormerge_mac.command" in the program folder. You can directly run it instead of running the program itself. It will run the program with high memory allocated.

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How to uninstall PDF Split Or Merge ?

In any operating system you can go to PDF Split Or Merge installation folder, browse to 'Uninstaller' folder, double click on 'Uninstaller.jar', and follow the instructions there.

  • Windows users :

  • You can also run 'Add/Remove programs' or the corresponding program, choose 'PDF Split Or Merge' and uninstall it.

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Is PDF Split Or Merge totally Free ?

Yes, the program has no limitations, no expiration date, and no ads. You are totally Free to use the program on your Free or commercial books.
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If i merge many PDF files the program hangs. How can i fix that ?
It seems you need to increase the memory allocated to the program to handle such load of files. We may suggest you do the following :

  1. Uninstall the Windows edition of the program, and install the cross platform edition instead from here : download.php

  2. The program is mostly installed in "C:\Program Files\PDF Split Or Merge" ... So please run the command prompt and go to that path to access the program with high memory allocation, example :
    cd "C:\Program Files\PDF Split Or Merge"
    java -Xmx1512m -jar "PDF SPlit Or Merge.jar"

    You can increase or decrease the 1512 value as you like, until the program stops hanging, but do not exceed your Hardware Rams value.
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Can i suggest adding a new feature to PDF Split Or Merge ?

Sure, we will consider any suggestions that may ease your work. Please contact us , and we will reply you in less than 24 hours.